Registration Form

Membership Registration Form

Annual dues of $100.00 must be paid in full within 90 days of registration or by December 31st of the applicable year (whichever is earlier). Payment can be made in cash or check to: Ghanaian Women's Association of Georgia (GWAG).

In the event that a check issued is not honored, I agree to reimburse the Association and bank charges PLUS an administrative fee of $10.00.

I hereby enclose: (in addition to the $50.00 fee, please indicate amount being paid in dues/donations)

Registration Fee (one-time) : $50.00
Annual Dues :
Project Donation (Optional) :
Total :
I wish to become a member of the Ghanaian Women's Association of Georgia (GWAG). I understand that it is my responsibility to notify the association of any changes in my contact details. Failure to do so absolves the Association of any responsibility or obligation to maintain communications with me. I agree that my membership is considered active ONLY upon payment of the registration fee and annual dues and that failure to pay the said fees will render my membership inactive. In the event that my membership becomes inactive, I agree to pay all monies and other assessments in arrears to the Association on order to be restored to active ember status.