We are blessed with a team of dedicated members who work tirelessly to design and implement programs to facilitate our mission of giving back to the community, promoting entrepreneurship, and culture. Our current programs include:

Adoption of Maternity Ward

GWAG furnishes and equips government-run hospitals in selected communities in Ghana. By adopting the wards, we feel a sense of ownership and a commitment to increase their capacity to deliver better quality healthcare to women. It is an approach that gives us the opportunity to make a direct impact in the delivery of care to both the mother and the child. You can make a monetary contribution by donating today to support our efforts or contact us to find how you can donate supplies to us.

Plan International Sponsorship

In line with our objective of bringing about positive change within our community, GWAG sponsors children through Plan International. Ranked among the top 10 international development agencies, Plan works to lift millions of children and their families out of poverty. Our sponsorship enables Plan to provide education, healthcare, water and sanitation for the children, families, and the entire community. Check out our gallery for pictures of a visit to the girls.

Cultural Education

Children learn about the different kinds of clothing and which clothes are worn on special occasions. They are taught the meaning of Adinkra symbols and how some basic African print materials are made. They also gain hands-on experience in making some of these fabrics. All kids are encouraged to participate in the annual fashion show either in their personal African wear or others donated by Ghanaian designers.